Sticker Set

Sticker Set


Pack of three black and white vinyl, waterproof stickers. Hardy enough for drink bottles, car bumper and anywhere else you wanna slap 'em.

2 large designs ("I Wanna be Abducted by Aliens so I Can Make Some Friends" + "Waiting for the World to Slow Down") are 10 x 12cm and Soft Nice logo sticker is 3.5 x 9.5cm.

Sent in a recycled envelope via regular post, or can be added to an order for no additional shipping costs.

Printed locally by Rad Stickers.

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Wizard Sticker
Wizard Print
Spectre Spotters Society Sticker
Soft Nice Mushroom Sticker
A4 Risograph Prints
Lizzi Morris x SN Stickers
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